C2C engineering project management services help manufacturers in planning, executing, monitoring and finalizing engineering projects.


Our engineering project management identifies clients’ strategic goals and options in order to provide the right blueprint and clarity to deploy complex, integrated engineering projects.
Each phase of our project planning process ensures compliance with regulatory standards, mitigates unnecessary costs and risks, and effectively manages both resources and tight deadlines.

Here are the areas we cover:
* Reliable schedule performance and project monitoring
* Assembly line productivity improvement
* Design work coordination and preparation of drafts, plans and specifications
* Auditing for Health and Safety standards
* Complete solution management: design and installation
* Supervise technicians and engineers, review and approve designs, calculations and cost estimates.
* Maintain deadlines for design and plant requirements as well as provide technical expertise in part feasibility, tooling concepts and completed designs.


C2C Engineering  is a company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.